Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Summer Skirt

Since this kind of weather is gone... Well...the weather is only half gone. The sun is still out and no clouds and stuff, but the temperatures are gone. I hate that. Sooo looking forward to the summer!!

I figured I'd show a tutorial for an easy skirt I made a while ago. The pictures aren't the best quality because my sewing/crafting room is in the basement and there is only this horrible light down here... So please excuse the poor quality!


5-8cm wide elastic band (length: measure where you want the skirt to start and take away 10cm)
fabric of your choice: 45x160cm (150 is ok as well)
sewing machine
...and time to gather the fabric around the elastic by hand!

so basically I measured my waist: 75cm
took away 10cm: 65cm --> length of elastic

the fabric needs a width depending on how long you want the skirt to be --> mine is 45cm
 and then you just take the width of your fabric (140/150/160) for the "length of the skirt" (around your waist)    god this sounds complicated! i'm so sorry, i'm so bad at this tutorial thing. i liked the way I had lots of ruffles because of my 160cm fabric, but I guess you could adjust a bit! (I always do that, haha)

So once you got the measuring and cutting done you can start pinning the fabric to the elastic. (If you had or have problems with the measuring: Feel free to ask me, I'll try to give you some advice :) )

First, you fold the elastic in half and mark that point. Then, you fold the fabric in half and pin that point to the marked point.
You continue folding every part in half (so when you folded the first half, start folding that in half and so on...get it? :S )
It should look something like this:

Once you finished pinning, you can start sewing on the fabric (I promise: Mine looks terrible, thank God it's on the inside and only I can see it !) 

After sewing it should look something like this

The last thing you'll do is sew the side seam with a regular stitch.

And then you're done! 

Hope you liked it! (And I hope it was at least halfway understandable...gosh, I'm really bad at this)

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