Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY: Thread Holder

Here is a new DIY tutorial for you guys:

really easy and looks pretty. you can individualize it the way you like it (any color, shape, amount...)


piece of wood (at least 4mm thick)
thread spools with a hole in the middle
paint (and other accessories you want to add)

I made it reeeeal simple because my bf promised me he'd make one in the shape of my initials for me (sounds good, doesn't it? too bad it wasn't my idea...) So that means it's just temporary!

I gathered all my material and went outside to spray paint the piece of wood. I chose white because I'm aiming for a "clean" look in my craft room. Long way till I have that...(someday :) )

Then, (if you're one of the perfectionists I wrote about in my last post,) you can mark the places where the nails should go by using a ruler and a pencil.

I skipped that step and just hammered them in the way I felt like it. (It works fine as long as you don't aim for a perfect outcome...)

And then I gathered all the old thread spools I had from my mom and my great-grandmother and sorted them by color.

And that makes the whole thing pretty. Just my color-coding everything. I just looove rainbows, haha

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  1. lovelovelove :D Do you hang them. Like to your wall?