Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shopping for shoes...

Every woman loves shoes, right? Well, almost every woman. But keep in mind that this is NOT the same thing as shopping for shoes. Because I am positive that there are many women out there like me who barely ever find shoes. Not because they're picky, but because the stores never or barely ever sell their size. Excuse me? Why is that?

Am I the only woman in the world who has big feet? And by big I don't mean the size every store sells. I don't mean the size that a couple stores sell. I mean the size that you only find when you go into specific stores. or when you don't have money.  

I HATE SHOE STORES or shoe departments.

And I hate it when I ask for a size and the people just look at me thinking "Holy cow! Your feet are huge!!!" Believe me, I know that look. And I am not happy when I see it.

And I hate it when I complain about my big feet and people just go "Oh, you're right. They're humongous!" (Excuse me? Is it my frickin fault?)

And I hate it going into a store, seeing the most beautiful and perfect shoes...and then finding out they don't have my size. It gets me frustrated every single time, even though I exactly know they don't have my size.

And there is another problem. There are stores that specifically sell big sizes and small sizes. But the problem with those is that they only have these grandma shoes. Not cool vintage shoes but the ones old people get when they have problems with their feet and hips. You know what I mean? They don't have pretty shoes. All I want is the shoes they have in other sizes in my size...
But I won't stop believing that one day they will have my shoe size in every store.

And to make my dream come true, someday I might open up my own store. I might just have the business of ordering shoes for people when they order them. Just to be in touch with the good shoe brands and order them right from stock. And be able to order shoes whenever I want to knowing they have my size and I am going to own shoes :)

I don't mean to just complain. I just had to get it off my mind and wanted to see if there are other people out there who share my problem??  Anyone second my motion? Oh god, I love that movie - Princess Diaries 2 It's the best!!!!

Wow that was a long post. Hope I didn't bore you...

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  1. haha did you try buying shoes today or from where did this emotional storm come from ;P