Sunday, March 10, 2013

Summer Inspiration

1 - grey shirt with fake gem stone application. 2 - anchor shorts. 3 - crossed bikini back. 4 - ruffled bikini top. 5 - diy bandeau top. 6 - rope sandals. 7 - bow top. 8 - bra to bikini top. 9 - peplum shirt. 10 - bow sandals

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dessert: Raspberry Meringue

Really easy and fast dessert - and the good thing: pretty much everyone will love it!
This is me shopping the ingredients: When you only have a bike - you gotta be creative about transportation ;)

Ingredients (this was enough for 4 people):

300g plain joghurt
500g quark
200ml cream
300g frozen raspberries (of course fresh ones are good too)
vanilla sugar
castor sugar

Mix all ingredients together - leaving out the raspberries and meringues - until the cream is whipped. (Or until the mixture isn't fluid and runny anymore).
Crush the meringues into little pieces and add half of
them to the mixture.

You can choose whether you want your mixture to become pink by mixing in the raspberries as well.

I preferred adding them before serving to still have a white mixture with (almost) whole raspberries. :) As you like.

sorry for the poor quality...
Have fun getting the compliments - everyone loves it

this is what it looked like "the morning after"