Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sailors Knot Bracelet

After seeing a lot of pretty sailors knot bracelets with this pretty maritime feeling I thought I'd a really easy one.


leather pieces 3x1,5cm
2x 20 cm pieces of cord (color of your choice)
2 snap buttons (so four parts)

after cutting the leather strips, hand sew on the snap buttons 
(make sure you sew them on the right way -> learning by doing haha)

for the knot, lay out the cord pieces

cross them. i put the green one on top

and make a simple knot

take both strands and

cross over again, using the same cord on top again!

pull through

now you might have different lengths 

so nudge them until they are about the same length
and you're DONE!
This is what mine turned out like

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