Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Up to now, this was definitely something I could live by. Not anymore: (at least not completely. I probably still not going to end up as one these perfect people, but I don't want to :)) )

Everyone knows this one person that seems to get almost everything right. And not only right, but also perfectly done. Sometimes I want to be like this person.

Always getting everything right (most of the time on the first try!!) and ending up with an outcome that is nearly perfect.

When I do / make / craft / sew / bake / cook / say / try things they never some out the way they were supposed to. Maybe it's because at some point I'm frustrated too much because I wanted it to be perfect and then it isn't. I give up and either start something new or just walk away.

Just walk away. I do that oh so often. It's definitely a problem I have to work on. Start something, if I don't get it right the first time, walk away but come BACK!

Another new project of mine (I just decided that...) I am going to work on myself. This month I will get done at least five of my projects I started.

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