Thursday, May 31, 2012

Over and Out

I am F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D.!!! Done, no school anymore. It is over!!!

At first I was not happy and couldn't really enjoy being finished finally.
I wasn't able to savor the moment ...

But now I realized I am actually finished with high school - I am SO happy.

And exactly as I promised there will be a post every day. (At least I will try to reach this goal. I promise I will)

...there are two posts waiting and more to come. I hope I didn't take too long...sorry!

Monday, May 28, 2012


...days left till it starts. 3. days left till it ends finally!!!  And the only thing I am capable of right now:
The theory.

Don't ask me to be able to solve problems. I have absolutely no idea. I can start going over every single formula to the topic but I have no clue when it comes to these test problems.

I only want to pass. "I believe I can - and I will."

I solemnly promise that you will get more posts after Thursday. It will all be last!

There are some tutorials, some refashions and a lot more to come...stay tuned and wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Fascinator

<-  After trying this

and this   ->

I ended up doing it really simple:

And I think it turned out quite nice :)

The only thing I'm concerned about is that it might be too dark for a wedding...What do you think? And what color dress should I wear? Red, Green, Navy Blue, Medium Blue, Black&White, do I have a Beige one??

Ok so I decided on a teal colored dress and it looked quite nice. On top I wore a black blazer.
I'm so happy everything turned out well!

By the way. I was at a wedding as the official photographer - it felt soooo awesome! The pictures turned out better than I thought they would and I am absolutely pleased with how this weekend went...good times!

Keep calm and craft on :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet little things

To my friend from OutOfPeonies:

You are so very welcome <3

You know how girls always hope to be surprised by others (especially their boyfriends) ? At least I really do hope a lot!!!
Well.. I thought I'd surprise a friend of mine as a little thank you for giving me her camera for a weekend...I went to DaWanda and looked for little things that might make her happy.  I found this adorable cotton masking tape and another mt :)
And then I told them to send it to her without the receipt and she received it today.

...I got about seven texts full of hearts and kisses and thank you's. Man that made me happy <3

Maybe I should do it more often....a new project!

Today I did some math, rebooted my laptop, worked on art and enjoyed the awesome weather outside (27°C!!)

Now I am in a sad / mad mood and might as well just go to bed :(

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still here..

I'm so sorry, I've gotten so bad at this blogging thing. While others start being addicted to their blog, I'm just a really bad blogger...

There is so much going on here...While looking for apartments, going shopping for dinner, going to the bank and paying bills, trying to study for math and art and - again - spending money for fabric and craft supplies, there is barely any time left for blogging.

I miss my sewing machine already and I've only been gone for what? 3 days??? It's definitely going to be one of the first things I'll pack for the move to "the big city" :)

My Sewing To Do List:

  • short leggings to wear underneath short dresses
  • a little cushion for garden work on your knees (explanation coming up)
  • bib for a little baby
  • little pouch for whatever-he-wants-to-put-in-it for my little brother's birthday
  • some kind of little present for my cousin
  • my first own bikini!!!
  • maxi skirt?
  • long skirt in fancy fabric for weddings
  • white summer skirt with little embellishments
  • placemats for my new apartment :)
  • potholders for my new apartment
  • and a pillow-mattress for my apartment
  • new pin cushion again ;)
  • still my comfy pants...(the ones I can't get the pockets right..)
  • still my cardigan I was frustrated with..
  • still the tiny little sacks (from my friends blog <3)
  • still my quilt (starting that as soon as school's completely over!)

My Craft To Do List:

  • laptop desk for the bed
  • another fascinator - maybe with peacock feathers?? (LOVE!!)
  • suitcase for my sewing machine (so nothing happens to the precious thing during the move..)
Other To Do List:
  • make tutorial for my lace scarf
  • make about a billion other tutorials (not only for you but for myself as well...I always forget how I make things -.-) always: sooo many plans, so little time, so little money ;)

Today I finished a little art assignment, a pretty fascinator for the wedding this weekend and I did some math. I went shopping, to the bank and everything else that is important for life. Oh, and I wrote this blog post. I am absolutely proud of myself. Today was a good day :)
love this :)
I believe I can do this....And I will!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Heart Life

Oh my life is so full of changes right now.

As a little update: I am moving to one of the best cities in Germany this summer!!
I started the exciting adventure of looking for apartments in a city where everyone says it's really hard to find any...We'll see how that goes.

I need to really and seriously start studying for math and I promise that I will be back by the beginning of June! (That is the latest and that is when my exams are ALL OVER!!!!) I'll probably leave some sneak peeks here and there just to show I'm still alive and working on my creativity.

Just today I downsizes a skirt for myself, made a dress fit my little sister perfectly and I will also sew a little bag for shoes. Pictures are coming up, I promise. (I just can't promise when exactly yet...)

Please stay tuned and keep calm ;)