Thursday, June 28, 2012

My little anchor

I did a little project these past few days... :)

So if you ever have time due to no school (yes!!!!) or being sick and barely being able to move - this is perfect for you!

You can make whatever shape you want, use whatever color sequins you want. Here is mine:

You will need:

matching thread

and loooots of time and patience!

You start by cutting your shape you want it to end up in. I wanted to make an anchor and was inspired by this. So I sketched an achor onto a piece of paper, cut it out and pinned it to the felt. Next I cut out the felt (I used black, because I'm planning on adding something when it's done..)
And then the patience part began. I sewed every single sequin - one at a time - onto the felt. I tried keeping it in a pattern for a "clean" look. I turned on my tv and watched some seasons of a really good show, had a little chit-chat with my family, watched some more dvd and sewed sequins for hours. (Don't worry if it takes a looong time - it took me three days..)

Now I am thinking about what shirt I'll put it on. I might add a round of black sparkly sequins around the edge to get a little more sparkle to it.

You can also sew or glue it to bags or skirts or ... whatever you want to make a little more interesting!

Have fun - and:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy Week

Starting about 2486130 different projects, watching SATC from Season 1 to 3, driving around my siblings, absolutely ENJOYING the freedom I have.
I can sleep in and do the things I want to without anyone criticizing me. It feels awesome. I have nothing that I HAVE to do. Just the things I WANT to do and feel like doing right now. I'll tell you - it's brilliant!

Just came back from a shopping trip for our summer camp - I bought tons of crafty things and it was so fun. Knowing I am buying this for the summer camp and knowing it's not for you - but who cares? Who doesn't love shopping for craft stuff? :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dressing up my dress

And since I didn't get this absolutely breathtaking dress I tried on in a too small size (2cm were missing at the top :(( ) and the store couldn't find the bigger size...

...I made my own peacock-ish dress :)

I found this on pinterest and it was the perfect inspiration!

Add-on for a dress - You need:

black felt (or the color of your dress)
peacock feathers (or the ones you want...)
(black) simple colored feathers
beads or sequins (whatever you want to add)
craft glue (mine is this one) or hot glue gun
needle and thread for beads

I bought peacock feathers on DaWanda and some simple black feathers at my local craft store. I also bought some adorable little beads in purple-green-blue-ish colors to match the feathers.

Then I cut out a round piece of felt matching it to the left side of my dress (so the add-on would be exactly like in the picture). I laid down the feathers the way I wanted them to look and started gluing them. (I wanted it to look a little bit layered - so I stuck some of the black feathers underneath and some on top of the big peacock feathers...)
Last but not least I hand-sewed on the tiny beads in a random pattern.

This is what mine turned out like:

First I cut out a double circle thing, but then i realised one would be enough and you wouldn't even see a thing :)


And this is me wearing it :)

Notes for future add-ons or improving this one:

I will make sure the straps are gone and want to make a heart shaped top like in the inspiration picture. I might pin it down with a safety pin. But apart from that I am very pleased with the outcome. (Doesn't happen very often with my craft stuff - so yaaay :) )

Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy busy busy...

What a week(end)!

Wednesday: Finish school video and watch soccer with school friends, go to school afterwards to get ready for the last day we spent in school

Thursday: Last school day - party and having fun with friends, café with my friend

Friday: Official commencement - got my finals results (like graduation party in America without the cape and hats...)
Grand-parents came as a surprise, bf came and we all had dinner together at a sushi restaurant :)

Saturday: Preparing graduation ball (or dance or whatever...), getting ready for the night, partying with school friends for the last time...

Sunday: Relaxing for the first time. (At the lake with the family)
Got my graduation present: A trip to LONDON!!!

(Anyone have any travel tips - insider knowledge? ;) )

bringing bf to the train station again :(

Monday: Sleeping in till 1 pm, working on my quilt, looking for travel tips for London and strawberry picking with mom and sister

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Netherlands...

It was beautiful! From Wednesday till Sunday.

5 days of being outside 24h. Sleeping in a tent. Sharing the place with ducks. Crazy amount of wind. Some rain. Clouds. Sun. Blue sky. Being with the family. Being close to the ocean.

I loved every bit of it. (Even though the wind was really hard to cope with at night)

Here are some of the many photos I took during the trip.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Little DIY Album

I'm back! Didn't have wifi for a couple days, but now I'm back with a really small and quick tutorial and lots of ideas...oh! And I started on my quilt this weekend - so excited!!

Tutorial: Little DIY Photo Album

You need:

colorful paper of your choice (I used red, white and blue tones because, well, they are my favorite colors, were the first ones I took from all my paper and I realized they would be a nice theme for a summer book)
scissors for paper
cutter knife
set square
two key rings with a 3,5cm diameter
hole punch
hard cardstock for the cover

I started by cutting little 10x15cm (4x6") pieces of the paper.
Then I punched two holes into them (Make sure the patterns are turned right. for example I had a heart pattern on one and had it turned the wrong way around...)
Decide on the pattern to put them in, sort them that way. (I decided on random, but of course you can have a certain pattern like unicolored-patterned-unicolored or something... ;) )
Cut the cardstock.
Take the key rings and put them through the holes and you're done.

Start crafting, sticking, gluing, take pictures, find quotes, have a good time :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Refashion Project

This is my pile. It is a pile of things I want to refashion. I will try to start today - we'll see how far I get. (And how long it takes me to give up...)

Wish me luck - working on the first pants. Blue, wide, not flattering.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Delicious Summer Time Smoothie (..or cocktail!)

watermelon and raspberries (equal amout - depending on how much you want to make)
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/2 orange juice
Put all ingredients inside a mixer and mix!
To make it a cocktail add some Bacardi Razz (amount depending on how much alcohol you can take ;) )
It is absolutely delicious!!! And healthy on top. Just a great refreshment for those hot summer days...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My list of eleven

From: Enjoying the Small Things
 Kelle Hampton has this beautiful blog about her life and family. She inspires me in many things. She recently wrote a post about a List:

I like lists. A lovely friend texted me this morning with a "Happy Monday, what are you looking forward to this week?" And I thought about it a minute before settling on the fact that I will give myself plenty to look forward to. I will make a list--a miniature week version of a bucket list, full of very doable tasks, and I will cross them off all week long and celebrate on Friday. 

My Week Ten 
1. Text someone randomly every day this week. Pick a person and let them know you are aware of what's going on in their life; that they are important.2. Beach sunset.3. Create a care package for a friend's child. Stickers, coloring book pages, temporary tattoos, hand written notes, a leftover lei from Lainey's party. Tell them they are awesome. Get it to the post office by Friday.4. Wear two french braids. Tie them with ribbon.5. Put the kids to bed, turn the phone off and watch a movie on the couch with Brett. 6. Bake something new. Take a plate of said sweets to a neighbor.7. Pick out paint colors for Summer Project Debeigify Everything 2012. Paint big brush strokes of sample paints on wall so now you have to paint.8. Go online and search Florida getaways for family staycation destinations this summer.9. Make a Summer Inspiration Board with kids--fill it with things we want to do this summer.10. Spa Night with the girls. Play music in the bathroom while we paint nails, do face masks and tell stories. 

As you probably realised: I love lists! As a matter of fact, I will make my own list of things to do this week (Some ideas will be copied from Kelle's, others will be added!) :

1. Text someone randomly every day this week. Pick a person and let them know that they are important (to you).
2. Finish two sewing projects from the List.
3. Write a letter to my grand-parents just to let them know I love them.
4. Finish studying, turn the phone off and watch a movie with him <3
5. Bake something new.
6. Try out a new dinner.
7. Think of ways to organize, decorate and beautify my new room. (Inspiration from my Pinterest boards...
8. Make at least one tutorial.
9. Tell him I love him with all my heart.
10. Make a little book about my new city "the big city"
11. Have a perfect day with B.A.T.

"Let the wilderness be explored!" (Russell, from UP ;) )

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shopping and more project ideas ...

I did some shopping. I went into a second hand store and was on the lookout for pieces that have refashioning potential. I was very, very successful. I found two dresses (more two 2-piece dress-ish things^^)

...and I will definitely work on those. Hoping to improve my refashioning skills...
I found a really cute lace dress with a black skirt, too.

I'll probably SHARE it with my sister. We'll see if she behaves -- haha! 

And then I found the perfect little blank scrapbook for my photo album of "the BIG city". It has these black pages and looots of room for STUFF. It's perfect. Even if it has little scratches - but that doesn't matter because I want to become crazy creative with it and I'll stick things all over!! I'm soo excited about starting that project. It's going to be my first long-term project that is actually managable with my skills...Yaaaaay.

The thing with the blue flowers in the back is a - watch out - mini ironing board!! It was only 2€ and it's perfect for a little room in "the big city". It's really handy and I can still iron everything I need for sewing and my shirts and - oh it's just perfekt! It has these little feet you can put it on, but you can also just lay it on the table. It was definitely a successful shopping trip to the second hand store :)