Sunday, July 28, 2013

Decorate Your CD Box

Referring to Jo's post about the washi tape box, I made my CD box a bit prettier. After having a pretty productive and creative day, I figured I could post at least a part of it.
It's not difficult, doesn't take a lot of time and makes a pretty decorative contribution to you room.

All you need is

the ugly CD box
washi tape / masking tape


You pick out your colors you want to use and start sticking until you like the outcome. I started with the sides and then figured wash-ing the top would be cool too.
I like it and it made my shelf a tiny bit prettier!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY: Bracelets

I made some fun ice-cream-colored bracelets today...

Really easy.

Buy some leather strands in your favorite jewelry material store or other craft store.
Definitely take more than one color and take about 2m per color - that way you'll definitely have enough for more than one bracelet and some extra.

You'll also need specific clasps and jump rings that look like this before they are used:

Then you need to measure around your wrist. I just used the leather itself and took three strands at a time. Clasp them together at both ends, insert the jump rings and of course a closure and you're done! Fast and easy and perfect for summer!