Monday, March 26, 2012


Ok, so now I'm done with my written exams...oral ones coming up at the end of May (loooong time to go - yaaay)

Although I have told myself to start earlier for these exams than the ones I just finished.

I will start with both math and art next week. Maybe even earlier! Promise to myself...let's see how this idea goes..

Today I will enjoy the weather: the sun, the chirping birds, the warm grass, the blue sky and the smell of spring.

And I will practice for my test on Wednesday to see if I'll get the apprenticeship...Yikes!

And this is my new project. I am going to make a scrapbook of my summer starting with today (after my written exams) and ending with the beginning of my apprenticeship or whatever I am going to do afterwards...
I got my inspiration from here. She does it beautifully - I hope mine is going to turn out pretty too.

Today I am going to try finishing my cardigan and maybe starting on a pair of really comfy pants from a magazine. We'll see how that goes.

Off to work and p.s.: look for all the little daisies that are coming out everywhere :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

first "real" project

i'm crazy. i'm starting to work on more difficult porjects: a cardigan!!!

don't ask me how i got the idea  - well actually this is where i got it from - but i don't know how easy i thought it would be.

between pride and frustration there have been many feelings to this today. so far i had to add width to the sleeve and cut into my fabric so i had to sew that back together. oh and i - i know completely stupid - did not make sure the fabric was lined up properly and now i have a grain that goes wild ...

one and a half sleeves are done and one quarter of the main body is done. hopefully i'll be able to finish it tomorrow!!

by the way - it's a green wool-ish fabric that feels very soft and i bet it's warm too -- yaay i'm making a winter cardigan while the summer is on its way. oh well..sometimes i wonder whether i actually think before i do things.

an older lady in my sewing course last year said she loved that about me: the spontaneous, careless part of me. i don't particularly like it. my wallet doesn't either. last year i bought fabric for a lot of money wanting to sew a ballgown. how stupid is that?? i regretted it while i was still paying for it. i'd barely sewn a pouch at that time. (don't ask. and to my dear friend: please don't say anything :(( ) it turned out to become a short balloon-ish skirt that i haven't finished yet because the sewing teacher has the instructions and the course was over. and now, the new course didn't start because there weren't enough people who wanted to come... great .  i should never have bought it in the first place. it would've saved me a lot of money. next time i'll think before!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I just decided that I am going to make a quilt after school. Those weeks when I am going to do nothing but be with my bf in Hamburg (btw AHmazing city!!)

This is the to do list for it from Elise Blaha
She said the most important part is to do one step at a time to prevent freaking out!

I shall obey ! I will keep you up to date!

half productive day

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day - and I went to an assisted living place to paint and decorate Easter eggs. It felt good :) Asking them what color they wanted and mixing the paint, giving them the brush and letting them do their thing. Eventually the boy I was working with decided to leave so I just watched the others while painting my own little Easter eggs. I wanted to make them look extra-springy so I mixed the plain, bold colors with white to have this sort of color scheme:
Unfortunately mine didn't turn out quite as pretty ... I'm working on it and I will paint some more with my little brother next week or the week after! Easter is a'comin' :) Which means family gatherings, candy, chocolate, sweet little presents, flowers, beautiful tones and lots of happiness and laughter (gotta know my family to understand that <3)

After yesterday was pretty much unproductive (at least for me - i sewed a sail for my bf's self-made sailboat and that took pretty long) today was better.
I got a phone call from the company I want to get an apprenticeship at telling me they didn't have what I was aiming for but something a little different. So it was still good news and it means one little trip to Hamburg next week! Yaaay! So excited about it!

After that: school books, backyard, sun, hammock, chilling out! It was great.

I did some more for my German exam on Monday and at the same time sewed a pretty new skirt. Maritime style for life!

Looking forward to even warmer weather tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Projects To Do

I got to wake up this morning with the thought of going to the fabric outlet store! Isn't that the best way to wake up? Knowing there is going to be no school, no studying, just amazingly beautiful weather (sun, birds chirping, blue sky, (just a bit too cold)) and an awesome trip to the fabric store - I love it!

My projects coming up:

Summer Flowy Top from Studs and Pearls

Twisted Skirt from Fashion Worship

Favorite Cardigan from Elle Apparel

...and a scarf, a skirt and I think that was it !

Pictures of my awesome shopping trip (that didn't even turn out to be that expensive! yay me) coming soon!

Monday, March 19, 2012

two down, three to go

finally. no more history cards, posters, notes, books anymore. nothing having to do with history. i was looking forward to this day for so long. and now i'm not even happy. i'm completely frustrated with myself - maybe more with my body.

guess what god gave me this weekend? a cold. starting with a headache that set in friday afternoon (thank goodness not in the morning during my english exam). we had dinner at the best sushi restaurant i know with the whole family celebrating grandmas birthday. unfortunately i was barely able to follow because of my headache :(
but seeing the family, especially my favorite baby cousins (adorable girls!!!) is still pretty much the best thing on earth...other than seeing my boyfriend. :)
it took forever for the food to arrive, but then it was absolutely amazing as always.

saturday morning i woke up feeling like crap. my throat hurt, my head hurt, i felt completely exhausted and was not in the mood to do anything. i just wanted to go back to bed. but that was not an option. i still had a whole lot of topics to study for in history. so i got up, had breakfast with everyone, went to a quiet room and started writing topics on index cards trying to get everything stuck in my head.

sunday i woke up looking for my voice. it was literally gone. it came back eventually during the day (i was actually sad about that - i love it when my voice is all croaky).
i started the day by taking medicine right away to be completely able to concentrate on history and not on being sick.

the whole day was again dedicated to studying and at dinner my parents told me to stop and to get my mind on something else so i could sleep better. so i ordered shoes! nude heels
it felt good. and then i thought i'd be able to sleep well but i thought wrong. it took me forever to fall asleep and then there was 218493157 different dreams that bothered my good night's sleep. so much for having a good rest before an exam. 

the exam didn't go well. i felt dizzy and sick and was not able to concentrate properly. i came home, cried, my mom tried making me feel better and i guess i can't change how things are now anyway.

today (or what was left of it) was dedicated to doing nothing. at least nothing concerning school. 

i basically spent the afternoon on the couch with my laptop on my lap and writing this, looking at blogs, pinterest, listening to music...

hope you had a good day!

oh right. diy projects, crafts and everything else is to week?

little change in things...

...after being asked why I never write new things (you know who you are :) <3)
 I guess you convinced me to make a "life blog" probably know best (haha)

For everyone else:

Originally this blog was made to show people my pictures in order to give them an impression of what I do, what my photos look like. After asking several friends I already took pictures of, there was a problem: Many of them don't want their pictures to be uploaded on the internet. So. How do you show strangers your pictures if not on the internet?? Kind of hard. oh well...

From now on you will see things I make, things I like, things that inspire me, things that make up my life. Have fun !

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Für Anfragen für Hochzeits-, Portrait-, Geburtstags oder sonstige Fotos, bitte einfach per Mail melden! Dann kann ich euch auch Fotos von meinen Hochzeiten zeigen, bei denen die Paare nicht im Internet landen wollen. Heutzutage weiß man ja nie, wo die hinkommen, ne? Also ich habe tatsächlich Fotos, die auch Menschen zeigen, darf und möchte sie aber nicht hier hochladen. Also wenn ihr euch einfach bei mir per Mail meldet, können wir alles weitere besprechen!