Sunday, April 1, 2012


So yesterday I finally managed to finish a project. Even more than one:

After going to the flea market with a friend of mine ...
(treasure chest and clip earrings
 from the flea market, 
feathers from a store-> "DEPOT")

... and spending more money than I planned (...)

I did some major crafting.

I made a little bowl out of ropes (inspiration from "The Gilded Hare")

I also finished a really comfy summer tube top. The fabric was on sale and back then I though "Hey, you might want to use it sometime." Sometime was yesterday. It's not a masterpiece. Pretty simple... I guess you could also use it as a skirt.

Another thing I made was a spring-ish pin cushion. I figured it was time for a new one seeing that I have been using a christmas season one.

Now I have a purple and pale blue one :) Even though I never use purple...somehow I don't like the color particularly. It just felt like a good use for fabric I'd probably never use (I didn't buy it purposely. The guy in the store just cut off a piece even though I didn't want it and forced me to take it ... at least he gave me a discount then)

I finally finished one of the BIG projects: I finished renovating our downstairs bathroom.
The wall paper was absolutely horrible - I have been thinking that since we moved here. And then on Sunday last week I decided to change that. Simple things can make huge changes!
I simply painted the walls in white and it's already much lighter in there. I'm changing the decoration a little bit, too. More maritime-like style.  That's what I made the rope bowl for. It fits perfectly. I also added some of the basic IKEA Kasset boxes to the look to make some more room for little things. It makes everything look a lot more clean without having everything scattered everywhere.
I'm very proud to say I finished a project like this. I'm ready for the future haha.

And, of course, I started a new project that I am planning on finishing today: Cute little sailors bracelets
I got my inspiration from "Cut out and Keep"

Tutorials coming up

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