Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coffee Cream Cake

It was probably the first cake I made in my life that turned out the way it was supposed to. I was sooo happy! yaaay me, haha


For the cake part

4 eggs
4 tablespoons hot (!) water
200g white sugar
1 package of vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon amaretto
120g flour
1 package of baking powder
1 package of chocolate pudding powder (you can also use almond pudding powder)
100g chocolate chips
50g peeled and chopped almonds

for the cream part

750ml whipped cream
2 packages of instant coffee
cocoa powder to decorate

Mix eggs and water until it's all foamy.
 Mix the sugar and vanilla sugar together and add to the eggs and water foam. Shortly stir in the liquor.
Mix the baking powder with the pudding powder, stir it into the mixture on the lowest level.
Add almonds and chocolate chips.
Pour the dough in a round springform pan,  the bottom covered with parchment paper and the sides buttered (so it's easier to get out the cake in the end)
Bake for 30 min at 180°.

Take cake out of pan, let it cool down.

As soon as it's cooled down cut it in half so you end up with two bases.

Whip the cream with the coffee powder.
Spread about half of it onto the bottom base.
Carefully lay the top base on top.

Then add the rest of the cream mixture on top evenly.
Decorate as you like and add the cocoa powder.

For us it tasted best after being in the fridge for a day - amazing! I loved it!

Have fun :)

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