Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Lace Scarf

After making this beauty (if I may say so myself!!, haha) everyone asked me where I got it from and said it was pretty.
I had never gotten so many compliments on something I made myself and it made me feel soooo good!

I got my inspiration from here. The jersey-ish fabric I used was on sale on stoffe.de and I got the lace from a gigantic fabric store I looove to go to - especially because it's comparably cheap!

I'm planning on making another one...maybe with dark blue lace, or pale pink. Something spring-ish or summer-ish :)

We'll see. Need to finish a whole lot of other projects first.

Edit: If you want a tutorial, please tell me. It'll make me make another one (and work on my tutorial skills...)


  1. this is adorable! please make a tutorial(:

  2. tutorial please!

  3. Tutorial all the scarfs!