Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dressing up my dress

And since I didn't get this absolutely breathtaking dress I tried on in a too small size (2cm were missing at the top :(( ) and the store couldn't find the bigger size...

...I made my own peacock-ish dress :)

I found this on pinterest and it was the perfect inspiration!

Add-on for a dress - You need:

black felt (or the color of your dress)
peacock feathers (or the ones you want...)
(black) simple colored feathers
beads or sequins (whatever you want to add)
craft glue (mine is this one) or hot glue gun
needle and thread for beads

I bought peacock feathers on DaWanda and some simple black feathers at my local craft store. I also bought some adorable little beads in purple-green-blue-ish colors to match the feathers.

Then I cut out a round piece of felt matching it to the left side of my dress (so the add-on would be exactly like in the picture). I laid down the feathers the way I wanted them to look and started gluing them. (I wanted it to look a little bit layered - so I stuck some of the black feathers underneath and some on top of the big peacock feathers...)
Last but not least I hand-sewed on the tiny beads in a random pattern.

This is what mine turned out like:

First I cut out a double circle thing, but then i realised one would be enough and you wouldn't even see a thing :)


And this is me wearing it :)

Notes for future add-ons or improving this one:

I will make sure the straps are gone and want to make a heart shaped top like in the inspiration picture. I might pin it down with a safety pin. But apart from that I am very pleased with the outcome. (Doesn't happen very often with my craft stuff - so yaaay :) )

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