Wednesday, April 11, 2012

art in progress

After I realized that I still have to finish painting my art project I decided to do it yesterday to make my day completely productive. (I already made a cake for a special are going to be uploaded -> here is a little sneak peak:    )

My painting went through a couple different layers and steps with me being frustrated more every time I overpainted it. I'm not completely satisfied with the last layer, but I'm still trying to figure out what I'd have to do to be satisfied. I don't feel quite ready yet to make changes because I'm scared I'll destroy it AGAIN.  Like the last 5 times....

It started looking like this:

Since I couldn't wait for spring to start I thought I'd use spring-ish colors :) I love green and lately I've become more and more fond of pink, haha. Every time someone in school asked which color he or she should use I just yelled "PINK!". I figured I need to make a pink painting myself after that...

I started doing some more work on my painting but somehow it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. (I missed some layers and steps I took by not taking pictures. Now I will take a picture after every single brush stroke I do!!!)  It ended looking like this and I was pretty much content with the outcome. But then I asked the teacher (Note: I am never ever going to listen to what a teacher says!!! Never. Ever!!)  And she said it looked unfinished and I'd have to work on it some more. 

So I took it home and left it in my craft room for more than a week. My family loved it, my dad even called dibs on one of my other paintings (yaaaaay :)) )
Then I took it out yesterday, got out all the colors I needed including brushes, water and little containers ... just what you need to paint!

...and I completely messed it up. I destroyed it. I thought I could start another painting. It looked so bad. Look at it!

After I calmed down again I decided to improve it a least a little and keep on painting the next day. I started by getting rid of the ugly mixed colors that turned out grey and brown-ish. I really liked the pastell green right bottom but it didn't match the rest of the painting. 
Then I went on and put on some dark green and blue tones. 
It didn't fit either.

I figured my favorite method should work again this time: Sprinkles and splashes of white! And it did work. I was so happy... It started looking better then.

And now this is my final outcome. I can't believe how it changed through the process. And I especially love what coincidence made. You can't see it in the bottom picture. But the next one. 

It's amazing.
I was doing my splashing and sprinkling and you know what was the result? I made a heart! Completely coincidently!!!!
I really like parts of the painting but somehow it doesn't seem right when you see the whole picture...

See what I mean?

I'm still figuring out what to do...

But right now I'm off to see a very good friend <3

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  1. This cake looks SO yummy I could eat it all!!!!!