Thursday, June 28, 2012

My little anchor

I did a little project these past few days... :)

So if you ever have time due to no school (yes!!!!) or being sick and barely being able to move - this is perfect for you!

You can make whatever shape you want, use whatever color sequins you want. Here is mine:

You will need:

matching thread

and loooots of time and patience!

You start by cutting your shape you want it to end up in. I wanted to make an anchor and was inspired by this. So I sketched an achor onto a piece of paper, cut it out and pinned it to the felt. Next I cut out the felt (I used black, because I'm planning on adding something when it's done..)
And then the patience part began. I sewed every single sequin - one at a time - onto the felt. I tried keeping it in a pattern for a "clean" look. I turned on my tv and watched some seasons of a really good show, had a little chit-chat with my family, watched some more dvd and sewed sequins for hours. (Don't worry if it takes a looong time - it took me three days..)

Now I am thinking about what shirt I'll put it on. I might add a round of black sparkly sequins around the edge to get a little more sparkle to it.

You can also sew or glue it to bags or skirts or ... whatever you want to make a little more interesting!

Have fun - and:

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