Monday, June 11, 2012

Little DIY Album

I'm back! Didn't have wifi for a couple days, but now I'm back with a really small and quick tutorial and lots of ideas...oh! And I started on my quilt this weekend - so excited!!

Tutorial: Little DIY Photo Album

You need:

colorful paper of your choice (I used red, white and blue tones because, well, they are my favorite colors, were the first ones I took from all my paper and I realized they would be a nice theme for a summer book)
scissors for paper
cutter knife
set square
two key rings with a 3,5cm diameter
hole punch
hard cardstock for the cover

I started by cutting little 10x15cm (4x6") pieces of the paper.
Then I punched two holes into them (Make sure the patterns are turned right. for example I had a heart pattern on one and had it turned the wrong way around...)
Decide on the pattern to put them in, sort them that way. (I decided on random, but of course you can have a certain pattern like unicolored-patterned-unicolored or something... ;) )
Cut the cardstock.
Take the key rings and put them through the holes and you're done.

Start crafting, sticking, gluing, take pictures, find quotes, have a good time :)

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  1. I have a school project where I have to make a scrapbook and wasn't finding any at the store I liked. This is perfect and just in time. I may have to make one for myself afterwards :) Thank you!!!