Sunday, June 3, 2012

My list of eleven

From: Enjoying the Small Things
 Kelle Hampton has this beautiful blog about her life and family. She inspires me in many things. She recently wrote a post about a List:

I like lists. A lovely friend texted me this morning with a "Happy Monday, what are you looking forward to this week?" And I thought about it a minute before settling on the fact that I will give myself plenty to look forward to. I will make a list--a miniature week version of a bucket list, full of very doable tasks, and I will cross them off all week long and celebrate on Friday. 

My Week Ten 
1. Text someone randomly every day this week. Pick a person and let them know you are aware of what's going on in their life; that they are important.2. Beach sunset.3. Create a care package for a friend's child. Stickers, coloring book pages, temporary tattoos, hand written notes, a leftover lei from Lainey's party. Tell them they are awesome. Get it to the post office by Friday.4. Wear two french braids. Tie them with ribbon.5. Put the kids to bed, turn the phone off and watch a movie on the couch with Brett. 6. Bake something new. Take a plate of said sweets to a neighbor.7. Pick out paint colors for Summer Project Debeigify Everything 2012. Paint big brush strokes of sample paints on wall so now you have to paint.8. Go online and search Florida getaways for family staycation destinations this summer.9. Make a Summer Inspiration Board with kids--fill it with things we want to do this summer.10. Spa Night with the girls. Play music in the bathroom while we paint nails, do face masks and tell stories. 

As you probably realised: I love lists! As a matter of fact, I will make my own list of things to do this week (Some ideas will be copied from Kelle's, others will be added!) :

1. Text someone randomly every day this week. Pick a person and let them know that they are important (to you).
2. Finish two sewing projects from the List.
3. Write a letter to my grand-parents just to let them know I love them.
4. Finish studying, turn the phone off and watch a movie with him <3
5. Bake something new.
6. Try out a new dinner.
7. Think of ways to organize, decorate and beautify my new room. (Inspiration from my Pinterest boards...
8. Make at least one tutorial.
9. Tell him I love him with all my heart.
10. Make a little book about my new city "the big city"
11. Have a perfect day with B.A.T.

"Let the wilderness be explored!" (Russell, from UP ;) )

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  1. cool points :D though I have a constant list in my head I'd never be able to accomplish it all xD Good luck with yours :)