Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some Pictures...

After being a little non-tutorial-crafty this week due to being sick and addicted to SATC I'll just post some pictures of what I've been doing...

painting my blue and white canvas and pausing for some more color --
watching the dog and being happy he is such a funny dog --
some more color to lighten up sickness... --
breakfast with lots of family --
the nature behind the house --
walking around searching for the documenta --
watching the ducks with the kids --
wondering how THAT can be art --
showing off my little DIY shirt refashion --
finding beauty in the things that aren't supposed to be art --
finding this dog hilarious --
little planted garden on the documenta --
the "fairytale tree" as my little cousins called it --
the "dogumenta" ;) --
walking across the little river on rescue boats

and these are fun and colorful night pictures from the big fare we had here in the "little city"

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