Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy busy busy...

What a week(end)!

Wednesday: Finish school video and watch soccer with school friends, go to school afterwards to get ready for the last day we spent in school

Thursday: Last school day - party and having fun with friends, café with my friend

Friday: Official commencement - got my finals results (like graduation party in America without the cape and hats...)
Grand-parents came as a surprise, bf came and we all had dinner together at a sushi restaurant :)

Saturday: Preparing graduation ball (or dance or whatever...), getting ready for the night, partying with school friends for the last time...

Sunday: Relaxing for the first time. (At the lake with the family)
Got my graduation present: A trip to LONDON!!!

(Anyone have any travel tips - insider knowledge? ;) )

bringing bf to the train station again :(

Monday: Sleeping in till 1 pm, working on my quilt, looking for travel tips for London and strawberry picking with mom and sister

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