Monday, March 19, 2012

two down, three to go

finally. no more history cards, posters, notes, books anymore. nothing having to do with history. i was looking forward to this day for so long. and now i'm not even happy. i'm completely frustrated with myself - maybe more with my body.

guess what god gave me this weekend? a cold. starting with a headache that set in friday afternoon (thank goodness not in the morning during my english exam). we had dinner at the best sushi restaurant i know with the whole family celebrating grandmas birthday. unfortunately i was barely able to follow because of my headache :(
but seeing the family, especially my favorite baby cousins (adorable girls!!!) is still pretty much the best thing on earth...other than seeing my boyfriend. :)
it took forever for the food to arrive, but then it was absolutely amazing as always.

saturday morning i woke up feeling like crap. my throat hurt, my head hurt, i felt completely exhausted and was not in the mood to do anything. i just wanted to go back to bed. but that was not an option. i still had a whole lot of topics to study for in history. so i got up, had breakfast with everyone, went to a quiet room and started writing topics on index cards trying to get everything stuck in my head.

sunday i woke up looking for my voice. it was literally gone. it came back eventually during the day (i was actually sad about that - i love it when my voice is all croaky).
i started the day by taking medicine right away to be completely able to concentrate on history and not on being sick.

the whole day was again dedicated to studying and at dinner my parents told me to stop and to get my mind on something else so i could sleep better. so i ordered shoes! nude heels
it felt good. and then i thought i'd be able to sleep well but i thought wrong. it took me forever to fall asleep and then there was 218493157 different dreams that bothered my good night's sleep. so much for having a good rest before an exam. 

the exam didn't go well. i felt dizzy and sick and was not able to concentrate properly. i came home, cried, my mom tried making me feel better and i guess i can't change how things are now anyway.

today (or what was left of it) was dedicated to doing nothing. at least nothing concerning school. 

i basically spent the afternoon on the couch with my laptop on my lap and writing this, looking at blogs, pinterest, listening to music...

hope you had a good day!

oh right. diy projects, crafts and everything else is to week?

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