Thursday, March 22, 2012

half productive day

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day - and I went to an assisted living place to paint and decorate Easter eggs. It felt good :) Asking them what color they wanted and mixing the paint, giving them the brush and letting them do their thing. Eventually the boy I was working with decided to leave so I just watched the others while painting my own little Easter eggs. I wanted to make them look extra-springy so I mixed the plain, bold colors with white to have this sort of color scheme:
Unfortunately mine didn't turn out quite as pretty ... I'm working on it and I will paint some more with my little brother next week or the week after! Easter is a'comin' :) Which means family gatherings, candy, chocolate, sweet little presents, flowers, beautiful tones and lots of happiness and laughter (gotta know my family to understand that <3)

After yesterday was pretty much unproductive (at least for me - i sewed a sail for my bf's self-made sailboat and that took pretty long) today was better.
I got a phone call from the company I want to get an apprenticeship at telling me they didn't have what I was aiming for but something a little different. So it was still good news and it means one little trip to Hamburg next week! Yaaay! So excited about it!

After that: school books, backyard, sun, hammock, chilling out! It was great.

I did some more for my German exam on Monday and at the same time sewed a pretty new skirt. Maritime style for life!

Looking forward to even warmer weather tomorrow!

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