Friday, March 23, 2012

first "real" project

i'm crazy. i'm starting to work on more difficult porjects: a cardigan!!!

don't ask me how i got the idea  - well actually this is where i got it from - but i don't know how easy i thought it would be.

between pride and frustration there have been many feelings to this today. so far i had to add width to the sleeve and cut into my fabric so i had to sew that back together. oh and i - i know completely stupid - did not make sure the fabric was lined up properly and now i have a grain that goes wild ...

one and a half sleeves are done and one quarter of the main body is done. hopefully i'll be able to finish it tomorrow!!

by the way - it's a green wool-ish fabric that feels very soft and i bet it's warm too -- yaay i'm making a winter cardigan while the summer is on its way. oh well..sometimes i wonder whether i actually think before i do things.

an older lady in my sewing course last year said she loved that about me: the spontaneous, careless part of me. i don't particularly like it. my wallet doesn't either. last year i bought fabric for a lot of money wanting to sew a ballgown. how stupid is that?? i regretted it while i was still paying for it. i'd barely sewn a pouch at that time. (don't ask. and to my dear friend: please don't say anything :(( ) it turned out to become a short balloon-ish skirt that i haven't finished yet because the sewing teacher has the instructions and the course was over. and now, the new course didn't start because there weren't enough people who wanted to come... great .  i should never have bought it in the first place. it would've saved me a lot of money. next time i'll think before!!!

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