Monday, March 19, 2012

little change in things...

...after being asked why I never write new things (you know who you are :) <3)
 I guess you convinced me to make a "life blog" probably know best (haha)

For everyone else:

Originally this blog was made to show people my pictures in order to give them an impression of what I do, what my photos look like. After asking several friends I already took pictures of, there was a problem: Many of them don't want their pictures to be uploaded on the internet. So. How do you show strangers your pictures if not on the internet?? Kind of hard. oh well...

From now on you will see things I make, things I like, things that inspire me, things that make up my life. Have fun !


  1. Rhere is sort of a pattern to it. Everytime you leave a comment at my blog you changed sth on your blog.
    Nasty little girl I totally figured it out!