Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We used to have this awesome place in the town we lived in where you can pick your piece of pottery, different colors of paint and design it yourself. They glaze and fire it for you and you can pick it up a couple of days later. It was called Color Me Mine. It was my favorite place for my birthday parties when I was little.

Now I'm not little anymore but I always remembered it an wanted to go there again. Guess what?! They have it here in Hamburg, too!! It's not quite as big and it's quite new, but it's perfect!! It's called Porzellanfräulein here and I've already been there twice.
Thr first time I went with my room-mate and we were lucky that we were there early. We stayed there for five hours and I still wasn't done with my one plate...so I took some paint and my plate home and finished it. Went there again a week later - alone - and sat there for about six (?) hours and enjoyed m the silence and just sitting there by myself with nobody who wanted to go home or anything. Just me, my pottery and peace and quiet....it was great!

phone photo
phone photo

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