Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photo Project: "New"

I love finding new things (another one for my I love... posts)

The new thing in my life right now is meeting two friends at a café and playing a game. First of all it was the first time we three met up and second of all: playing games at a café/restaurant. So cool! It was great and we all decided we'd have to do it more often.

In spring we'll take our bikes on the train and ride out into the country to do a reeeeeally long bike trip. The three of us plus our bikes and my camera - it's going to be awesome. And new :) 

New friends, new things to do with them, new photography location in all of the beautiful fields out there.

I'm excited already. But right now I even if nobody else is... am enjoying the cold weather. I prefer snow but hey - you can't have everything can you?

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