Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where I want to go

...I definitely want to go there some day!!! On my "to go list": LA Fashion District

(both pictures are taken from http://elleapparel.blogspot.de/)

It's amazing how cheap the fabrics are!

...and I want to go here: New York Fashion District

Fashion District, New York 8am

Secret tip from Trash To Couture: The "Mood Fabric" store and from one of the commenters: "Top Trimmings" (she thinks it's on 39th)

Anyone know any good fabric stores or districts? Preferably in one of those cities, or somewhere in Germany. But you can also tell me about fabric stores all over the world. Maybe I'll take a "fabric store trip" all around the world someday. (I might have to pause in between to earn some more money, haha)

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