Saturday, February 16, 2013

Broccoli Cream Soup

I bought some broccoli a while ago and ended up putting it in the freezer because I never came around to cook it. Two days ago I read a recipe for broccoli cream soup and I decided that would be the perfect use for my broccoli ;)

So I went into the process of making it. Of course I didn't exactly follow the recipe. But I was close to it!!!

Ingredients (for one person!!):

Broccoli Cream Soup

1 broccoli
1 package of cream (200ml)
(about) 600ml of water (-> enough to cover all of the broccoli in the pot)
1 package of Sahne Schmelzkäse (soft cheese, 150g)
salt, pepper, nutmeg
1 cup of broth (it's the broccoli broth)

this just looks delicious,
doesn't it? :P
 You need:
an immersion blender for the broccoli

1. Wash the broccoli
2. cut little parts (I love how they are called   "florets" or "Röschen" in German)
3. cook the broccoli in a pot with the amount of water needed
4. when it's cooked, pour off water and keep a cup  of the broth
5. put away a couple of florets for decoration

6. mash the broccoli
7. pour the cup of broth, the mashed broccoli and the cream in a pot, stir and let it simmer
8. add salt, pepper and nutmeg and maybe some more broth if it needs it
9. let it simmer for another while
10. I also added some plain broth powder and some flour to make the soup thicker
11. when it's finished, pour it into a bowl, decorate with the remaining broccoli and enjoy! was gooood!

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