Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet little things

To my friend from OutOfPeonies:

You are so very welcome <3

You know how girls always hope to be surprised by others (especially their boyfriends) ? At least I really do hope a lot!!!
Well.. I thought I'd surprise a friend of mine as a little thank you for giving me her camera for a weekend...I went to DaWanda and looked for little things that might make her happy.  I found this adorable cotton masking tape and another mt :)
And then I told them to send it to her without the receipt and she received it today.

...I got about seven texts full of hearts and kisses and thank you's. Man that made me happy <3

Maybe I should do it more often....a new project!

Today I did some math, rebooted my laptop, worked on art and enjoyed the awesome weather outside (27°C!!)

Now I am in a sad / mad mood and might as well just go to bed :(

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