Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still here..

I'm so sorry, I've gotten so bad at this blogging thing. While others start being addicted to their blog, I'm just a really bad blogger...

There is so much going on here...While looking for apartments, going shopping for dinner, going to the bank and paying bills, trying to study for math and art and - again - spending money for fabric and craft supplies, there is barely any time left for blogging.

I miss my sewing machine already and I've only been gone for what? 3 days??? It's definitely going to be one of the first things I'll pack for the move to "the big city" :)

My Sewing To Do List:

  • short leggings to wear underneath short dresses
  • a little cushion for garden work on your knees (explanation coming up)
  • bib for a little baby
  • little pouch for whatever-he-wants-to-put-in-it for my little brother's birthday
  • some kind of little present for my cousin
  • my first own bikini!!!
  • maxi skirt?
  • long skirt in fancy fabric for weddings
  • white summer skirt with little embellishments
  • placemats for my new apartment :)
  • potholders for my new apartment
  • and a pillow-mattress for my apartment
  • new pin cushion again ;)
  • still my comfy pants...(the ones I can't get the pockets right..)
  • still my cardigan I was frustrated with..
  • still the tiny little sacks (from my friends blog <3)
  • still my quilt (starting that as soon as school's completely over!)

My Craft To Do List:

  • laptop desk for the bed
  • another fascinator - maybe with peacock feathers?? (LOVE!!)
  • suitcase for my sewing machine (so nothing happens to the precious thing during the move..)
Other To Do List:
  • make tutorial for my lace scarf
  • make about a billion other tutorials (not only for you but for myself as well...I always forget how I make things -.-) always: sooo many plans, so little time, so little money ;)

Today I finished a little art assignment, a pretty fascinator for the wedding this weekend and I did some math. I went shopping, to the bank and everything else that is important for life. Oh, and I wrote this blog post. I am absolutely proud of myself. Today was a good day :)
love this :)
I believe I can do this....And I will!!!!

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  1. thihi geez I feel bad about not doing so much xD