Monday, June 10, 2013

Places to go to in Hamburg (1)

Since I've been living here for 10 whole months by now (which is amazing and absolutely unbelievable) I thought I'd share some more information on this city.

I love the phenomenon that is reconfirmed over and over again: You barely ever visit tourist attractions in the city you live in. And if you do it's mostly not for yourself but for guests that are visiting from a different place. You plan trips and realise you haven't been to most of the places yourself.
Luckily I came to Hamburg before I lived here. That way I saw a lot more things than I would've otherwise...

So this is a list I compiled from different sources on the net while looking for the most well-known and most popular attractions. Some of them I have seen, been to or done, others I haven't. And most of those I still want to see...(People: Visit me! person in specific and you know who you are! :( )
Hamburg Dungeon - A little bit too spooky for me. Sorry, but I can't ;) I'd be screaming nonstop, might hit one or two people and probably wouldn't be able to sleep for the next two to three weeks. Not happening.

Hafencity - Been there more than once and it's pretty cool. By day it's definitely best to go when the sun is shining from blue skies - it makes the buildings look amazing. But if the weather isn't good it's worth it to go by night. All these expensive houses, buildings and apartments have great lighting. They really put a whole lot of money in there.

Harbor tour - Fun boat trip, totally touristy but also used by the locals as fast transportation seeing that you can use it with your public transport ticket for Hamburg. It goes all the way to the docks and back to "Blankenese" which is one of the most wealthy parts of town.

Strandperle - One of the oldest bars in the city - haven't been there myself - but definitely planning to do so. Oldie but goodie! Facebook page

Dialog im Dunkeln - Museum about the dark, blindness and experiences life without light. Amazing exhibition, definitely a To Do for people visiting Hamburg. I did it back home in Frankfurt and it was great!

Reeperbahn - Also called "Kiez". Want to see the second heart of Hamburg? Go here. It's the only place in Germany where you have bars, clubs, pubs and other night-activity things (you're not forced to see these - I didn't either ;) ) in a radius of 1 km. Fun for a night out - especially if you like to party. (I've only been there 4 times or something like that...)

St. Pauli - The district where "Reeperbahn" is ;) It leads up to the river and has a cool beach bar: StrandPauli

Michel - Hamburgs main church with a platform from where you can see Hamburg from above in a height of 82 meters. Need to go there soon to finally have an "overview" of the city :) this is the first part of my Hamburg To Do List. The second part with annotations for the grid will be coming soon!

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