Monday, June 17, 2013

Craft Stores

After posting my favorite fabric stores I will now post my favorite craft places and suppliers.

Before I came to Hamburg I always thought - "Wow, I think Hamburg is the most crafty place in Germany!" It is.

First of all: The place I went to three times in December: Porzellanfräulein.
Paint your own ceramics, have a great comfortable and realxing afternoon there. Read my post to see more!

Then the place where I've been twice in the last three weeks: Nuena.
Paradise for bead and color lovers. I'm telling you: They have every single bead you can think of. And you can also spend an afternoon in their little store. There's always good music and a calm environment you can work in really well.
This is what I made on a spontaneous trip to the store: Necklace.

idee. Craft store. They have pretty much everything one can need. A very little amount of expensive fabrics, washi tape, cardboard, paint, decoration, wood materials...told you so: everything. I love going there just to have a look...sometimes I even make it out without buying anything. Woohooo!

...and then I found another really cool craft store at a mall that's pretty far away from my house. I was like "well they couldn't have built it another place, huh?" Well..someone heard me. Because a month later I saw a sign in the mall next to my boyfriends house saying "Panduro. Opening in March" I was like "Ooooh yeeeeeeeah!"

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