Friday, October 5, 2012


The biggest photo-related exhibition or fair (whatever you'd like to call it) takes place in Cologne every second year. My first time was 2010 when I got up extra early and took the train to it...
I went there with my grandma and I was completely overwhelmed not knowing what they have there and where several things are...But it was awesome!!

I even bought my first photo background. Which was the beginning of my photo-studio-equipment. I bought a foldable background with a black and a white side. It was meant to be a Christmas present but since I wanted to organize a photo shoot birthday party for my sister, I was allowed to take it home right away and to use it. Of course it's great for single portraits but for a group of 10 girls it was just a liiiiitle bit too small ;) took place again this year and I went there with my mommy :) This time I knew where everything was and was able to tell my mom everything. The best thing was that we didn't have to walk everywhere. Just to the places I wanted to go to :)

And we bought backgrounds again!!! I had the best super-duper deal EVER! Usually, they cost 28€ per roll and I ... I'm serious... bought three for 25€!!!! I guess I was just lucky it was Sunday afternoon and the nice English man was great and my pouty-face worked :)

And nooow I'm home for the first time after 2 months in the Big City and it was just my sister's birthday again. And guess what's happening this weekend? Photo shoot birthday party!!!!

This time we'll not only have a background that is wide enough for all of the girls , but we also have different colors: black, white, champagne, seafoam and copper! I'll post some pictures afterwards :)

But here are some pictures of the fair:

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhh das riesen foto ist ja super mega hammer!!!!! O.O