Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hamburg Kreativ.

Remember how I posted Berlin Kreativ?

Well. Here in My Big City they have a little fair called "Hamburg kreativ." And that is where I went with a friend...We didn't plan on it being so awesome...We had waaaaay to little time. 2 hours are definitely NOT enough for everything.

We started really comfortable and took our time looking at the little stores and took about 20 minutes looking at scrapbook paper. Then I checked the time and realised there were only 75 minutes left for three quarters of the whole fair!!!! We rushed through the other stores barely having time to really look at the things.

Maybe that was a good thing ... I only spent 20 €!!! And this is what I found:

Some scrapbook paper sheets, a little cord-flower-fabric, lacey fabric, lots of business cards and a little cupcake fabric :D

I am so incredibly proud of myself for only spending 20€ !

This is what else they had there...pretty much everything you can think of for crafting. Amazing.


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