Friday, August 24, 2012

The Big City

Finally...I found time to let you guys know I'm still alive!!

I'm sorry -- it took ages to get everything settled and it still isn't done. But today is a special day and I had to get back into my old life again for a bit..

I thought I'd share some impressions and if you look closely you might find out where I am :)

Everything is new to me.

Alone. Big City. Job. New friends. New places to be. New experiences to be made. New food to eat. New home. Different weather. Different people around me. Different schedule.

It's amazing! I love it and I don't regret a single decision! (Not even the spending a looooot of money part :D)

The only negative thing: No time for blogging and not even time for crafting and sewing and other crafty stuff....It's bad. It would be bad if everything were normal around here. But since I am experiencing a new me and a new life: there's no time to be homesick or to wish I'd be crafting more...

I hope everyone my age finds exactly what they want - just like me :)

I'm so happy!!!

...and I promise: As soon as I settled in completely I will try to make my way back to my crafting blog.

Until then I hope I can keep on posting these collages about what I'm up to at the moment.

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