Monday, August 27, 2012

No Bake American Flag Cake

This weekend my friend celebrated her birthday with an "all american party". I thought I'd contribute something...

My mom used to make me this amazing cake for my own birthday in August. It was always the special thing - the cherry on top of my ice-cream-sundae-birthday in summer. Everyone looked forward to THE cake because it is our family's favorite. There are blueberries, raspberries, sometimes strawberries - it's just GOOD! But the best part of if was always the cool whip that you sadly can't get here..

I still wanted to make it so I tried my own little version...

Buy a prebaked cake -- doesn't matter which one, as long as it's white (vanilla or just plain cake etc)
Cut it into slices that are about 1cm wide

Find a platter you can carry the cake in and lay the slices out next to each other

Whip the cream, add the "quark" to the cream and mix (I also added a spoonful of Greek yoghurt)

Spread out the mixture onto the bottom layer of cake and add another layer on top

and again: spread out the white cream until it is completely covered. Don't worry: It can be reeeeally thick!

This is what the covered cake will look like. 

Then you get frozen berries and put them on top in an American flag pattern (picture to come!)

And then you have an amazing tasting, patriotic no bake american flag cake for your next party. And if it's not supposed to be patriotic just sprinkle the berries onto the cake without a pattern.

It's the perfect cake if you need a fast, good, everyone-will-love-it summer cake!

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